XWFIM updated

Just pushed version 0.4.3 out.


This version will now track the last selected version as opposed to always defaulting to the newest available version

I also added a check on startup for any new updates for the last version you selected. That way you will know as soon as you start XWFIM whether there are updates or not.

Finally, i fixed a (stupid) bug related to mplayer install when doing a new or clean install.


please report any issues to me here or via email and I will get em fixed ASAP!

10 thoughts on “XWFIM updated”

  1. There is no old vs new version link as the software autoupdates when you start. Regardless of the version you have, it will look for and download the updates when available. see the lower right corner of the program. you can manually check for an update there, but xwfim will see the update on startup and download it for you

  2. Ah, ok. So 0.4.3 isn’t the release of a new version. It’s the release up an update. Now I understand.

  3. The more I use XWFIM, the more I like it.

    Suggestion: There’s a lot going on in that main screen. For example, the Install button isn’t very prominent, and it’s the raison d’etre for the program. Perhaps the Verify Installation section should be on a separate tab, as it’s likely to be less used. Also, I would rename the “Select Folder” buttons to be simply “…” Everyone knows that a … button beside a select folder text box means select a folder, and that button will no longer compete with the Install button for the user’s attention.

    Also, personally, I wouldn’t use that building image from the X-Ways site. I have no idea why they use it. It’s unattractive, reminiscent of a prison turret, and really communicates nothing. X-Ways would probably get a lot of value out of hiring a couple of good marketing people for branding, design, etc. One only need look at how Jad Software has been transformed into Magnet Forensics in the space of a couple of years.

    (I started to leave this comment in the X-Ways forum, but decided not to, for obvious reasons.)

    1. lemme know what you think of 0.4.5. it will be available in about 30 mins tops. =)


      NEW: Now XWFIM will check each component to see if it is new vs. aborting if XWF is current. This allows you to refresh viewer, mplayer and/or manual independent of XWF itself.

      CHANGE: Tweaked interface a bit
      CHANGE: Swapped out X-Ways Logo with image representing XWF

  4. Yes, I think it’s an improvement. It certainly focuses the eye on the central purpose of the program. šŸ™‚

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