Take the XWF class or buy the book?

Regarding a post on twitter asking if training from X-Ways is worth it or just buy the book, I’d have to say taking the training is a good solution.  And so is buying the book.

I favor training for almost everything (easier to learn from other’s mistakes…).  I also favor reading to self-learn and as a reference when needed. 

I’ve personally taken XWF training on more than one occasion, and know others that have taken the training more than that.  Each time, there is something new that you learn, just like with any class I’m sure.  I did not regret taking the training as it did make the transition to XWF easier.  Although, if there were a book on XWF at the time, I would have bought it and still went to training.

I think it comes down to (1) time, (2) money, and (3) self-learning ability.  If you can afford the training and afford the time off from work, why not take the training?  You can still buy the book for a reference because you will most certainly like to have it when using XWF.  But, if the cost of training, loss of time (vacation or you just need to get things done at work) is too much, you will still learn a lot with the book, more than enough to competently use XWF.

We have written the book (working on the last chapter now…) in a manner that if you have not taken the training, you will be able to use XWF, in a step-by-step instruction, including how to use in specific types of cases.  It is also written as a reference guide.  Need to know what shortcut opens the directory browser window? We have a section on all shortcuts?  Need to know the different ways to create an image, or container, or skeleton image? We have a chapter on that?  Curious what a specific checkbox selection does?  We have that detailed.  Need to know how to use XWF in ediscovery? We have something on that too.  So, for those that like to tinker with software to learn how to use it, meaning…pushing buttons to figure it out, this book is for you.  Some like sitting in a class.  Some like figuring it out themselves.  As far as the training put on by X-Ways, they do a good job and you get your money’s worth with the amount of information.   They do not stretch 8 hours into a week.  They cram 40 hours of information into 20 hours.

Author: Brett Shavers

http://www.amazon.com/author/brettshavers https://www.brettshavers.com https://www.dfir.training

2 thoughts on “Take the XWF class or buy the book?”

  1. I agree that the training they offer is great and I have to say it sounds like you guys are putting together a great book! I look forward to it.

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