The bar is now closed…

As in, the book is done, no more to add, it’s all done.   It’s now in the hands of the publisher to proof, print, and distribute.   Accuracy checked by Stefan Fleischmann (developer of X-Ways Forensics),  Tech Edited by Jimmy Weg (an expert X-Ways user and superb tech editor), and written by Eric Zimmerman (who I have found to be a great writer and even better X-Ways master) and myself, this is the book to have.  Refresh what you learned in an X-Ways course or learn by reading.   Having used X-Ways since the first release, this is a book I whole-hardheartedly recommend.
Order the guide now by clicking the book image.


Author: Brett Shavers

5 thoughts on “The bar is now closed…”

    1. I will be ordering a copy for sure. Will the book also be available in EPub or PDF format….I would like to have a copy stored on my laptop for quick reference. Also for the hard copy book will it be spiral bound so that it will lay flat…..its nice to have the manual stay open to the page while you do the task.

  1. Very good to hear ! I just hope for you that Stefan won’t do big changes in the 4 upcoming monthes …
    Hope to read your book asap!
    In advance good job!

    1. I’m sure there will be updates, but one of the differences with XWF compared to the other big boy tools is that updates are not draconion. At least with XWF, the changes are the additions of new features and not completely revamping the interface and removing features you like. There’s are few things worse than upgrading to version “x” and finding out you now have no idea how to use the updated tool you’ve been using for years…

      We expect to miss a few minor updates in the next month or two, but the book still covers 99% of XWF’s for some time to come.

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