A great interview with Author Eric Zimmerman.

Hacking Exposed recently interviewed Eric in which he spoke a bit on the XWF Guide and his career.  Eric’s experience in forensics shows in the book, which if you haven’t heard, should be available on August 2nd.

To make sure you can get a copy without waiting, consider a pre-order at Amazon 🙂

Rather than search to find where to buy the guide, just click it and order it!

X-Ways Forensics is surely taking off as a strong primary tool.  There have been more than a few government and private forensic labs in the world not upgrading their “other” tool in order to migrate to XWF.   This book more than satisfies how to do just that.

Author: Brett Shavers

http://www.amazon.com/author/brettshavers https://www.brettshavers.com https://www.dfir.training

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