The X-Ways Forensics Practitioners Guide is available in Kindle!

It certainly feels like a long time has passed, but the time is finally here, at least for the Kindle. Order through Amazon and you can have the book on your Kindle in less than a minute. 

Although it feels like it took a long time (at least for me), Eric and I finished the book 6 months ahead of schedule.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can at least read the Introduction through the link below.  We hope (and know) this guide will be your best friend to your XWF dongle.

XWF Guide

Order from at  “X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide

Author: Brett Shavers

3 thoughts on “The X-Ways Forensics Practitioners Guide is available in Kindle!”

  1. So the paperback is about $12 cheaper than the electronic Kindle edition. These book publishers are too much–they don’t even try to disguise that they are gouging the buyers who want the digital version of the book. Unbelievable!

    1. From my understanding, Syngress had a back-to-school special of 40% off certain books, and Amazon matched the price. Prior to the discount, Syngress asked if I minded giving 40% off the XWF Guide which I agreed would be a good idea (at the expense of actually making money from the book…).

      I don’t think the 40% discount included the Kindle edition, only the print edition. If not for the 40% discount that Amazon is still offering, the Kindle version would have been cheaper. I also think Amazon may not have their discount much longer, but then again, I don’t work for Amazon..

      1. Brett: My comments were about eBook publishers in general. They were not directed at you or your book, since I know that authors have little say in the policies that publishers follow. My beef is with eBook publishers who incur comparatively very little costs for publishing and distributing the digital edition of books, yet usually sell them at the same price or a couple of dollars off the paperback or hard copy edition, which costs them a lot more money to print and distribute. In this case, selling the Kindle edition more than $12 over the discounted copy of the paperback, makes no sense–why apply the discount only to the paperback, when the digital version costs less to produce and distributed than the paperback? But I guess, even though the publishers have lost recent price fixing lawsuits and have to reimburse buyers millions of dollars, they still haven’t learnt their lesson…

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