Something else cool about XWF

Consider the differences between X-Ways v12 below:

X-Ways Forensics version 12

With the current version 17:

X-Ways Forensics version 17
X-Ways Forensics version 17

They look the same!

XWF has had literally hundreds upon hundreds of significant updates over this time between v12 and v17, but the interface and usage remains constant.  Personally, I enjoy an update to a program that looks the same, the buttons are in the same place, and there are new features to use.  The last thing I want is a totally different interface, buttons where I have to hunt and peck to find or miss completely, or have to take another class from the vendor to be told how to use their new fandangle program.

It’s nice to know that in 10 years, XWF will probably look the same, even though I know it will be able to do so much more then, I’ll be able to use it without skipping a beat.

This is also the reason that the XWF Guide will carry you through the next many years without having to worry about a major change in operation of XWF.  What other manual or guide can say that?

Author: Brett Shavers

2 thoughts on “Something else cool about XWF”

  1. True, but it would be nice if Stefan would add a bar someplace (that you could drag n drop) that would display the complete file path regardless of the browser configuration. Looking at ellipses in the info pane, or the truncated listing on the tabs or having to move your mouse for a mouse over becomes burdensome when done hundreds of times verse an eye movement. You get data with very deep directory trees and there are no places where you can quickly see the path. This is especially true when you have a bunch if hits in different files with the same name. Trying to scroll down and watch the path change is not an option given all the ellipse and truncated listings.

    None the less, xwf is the best there is. I own them all (dongle poor to be sure).


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