No surprise. XWF does something other tools don’t

From a twitter post, a cool video on imaging with X-Ways noted (13:50) as doing something other tools don’t.  The entire video is actually pretty good too.


Author: Brett Shavers

4 thoughts on “No surprise. XWF does something other tools don’t”

  1. Brett: I saw Scott’s presentation a few days ago and noticed the reference he made to X-Ways making a copy of the SMART table before and after imaging. Where is this information provided? If it’s in the text file that’s generated when the imaging is completed, I just looked a couple of these and all I get is “SMART: N/A (this request is not supported)” at the end of the text file.

  2. Is it possible to have a quick text synopsis of the comments made in the talk? For those of us who cannot watch videos at work, or don’t want to watch an hour-long presentation 🙂

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