Righted the rights!

Syngress released the rights of the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide this week!  This allows Eric and me to write and control all future editions of the book, which we will now be getting started.



What can you expect from the new edition?

  1. Updated content (of course, the latest version of X-Ways!)
  2. Innovative methods of use
  3. More 3rd party tool integrations (commercial and FOSS)
  4. Work processes and case-specific methods
  5. New cover design
  6. And just as important, your suggestions 🙂

When can you expect the new edition?

2020. This year. Not next year. Not the year after. Since Eric and I control the rights and publishing, it will be on our schedule, not a publishers schedule.

Table of Contents

We will keep the table of contents (TOC) updated here: https://xwaysforensics.wordpress.com/the-manual-s/

Expect the TOC to change with new (ie, better) ideas and suggestions. Do you have an idea for the book? What you would like to see us cover? Or maybe you have an X-Tension script you would like us to add in the book? Or maybe you created a new way to use XWF for a process that you’d like to share and be credited for? How do you use XWF with your other tools?

Send it and we’ll consider it for the new edition!

A short note on Syngress..

I’ve received several dozen emails from XWF users asking for a second edition, and through this time, have been asking Syngress (who owned the rights of the book) for an updated edition for years. Each time, the Syngress response had been “maybe later” or something to that effect.

Apparently during these past few years, Syngress had been working to change their business model, which meant no new DFIR books and no new editions of current books. You should not expect any more forensic books being published through Syngress. I don’t know the details other than new DFIR books through Syngress won’t happen. I have enjoyed having my books published through Syngress, but like anything, things change.



Author: Brett Shavers

http://www.amazon.com/author/brettshavers https://www.brettshavers.com https://www.dfir.training

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