Book Launch is live!

Aaannnnnddddd, the 100-hour countdown clock has started. Let’s see how long this batch of books last.

USA orders

Non-USA orders

This is the first (proof) copy and all looks good! Purchased copies don’t have the “Not for Resale” banner.

Unlike the first edition from prior publisher, this book is in COLOR!

Bonuses for Book Launch Buyers

#1 Access to XWF-related downloads (quickstart guides, tooltips, etc…)

#2 “If” a Kindle version will be released, which would be at the end of this year if that happens, all early bird, book launch buyers will receive the Kindle version free. Plus, the Kindle version will not be available outside of this group, since this is a bonus for the book launch. This could change many ways to Sunday, but that is the current intention.

Author: Brett Shavers

2 thoughts on “Book Launch is live!”

  1. Dear Brett,

    I saw that many countries are missing on your list of non-US destinations, including Slovenia.

    Does this mean you don’t ship to Slovenia?


    Janko Šavnik, CCE, CISM, CISA

    Član strokovnega sveta – Member of the Council of Experts

    Telefon: +386-(0)41-789-567 | E-pošta: | Telefaks: +386-(0)599-60640

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