Book launch process & updates

The good:

99% of all orders have had no problems.

The not so good:

Maybe 1% of the orders have had a little bit of problems, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

a) orders were not calculated correctly (undercharged, fault of the system, but easy to remedy)

b) some countries not listed (don’t worry; I’m checking on shipping to these countries that were not listed)

The good and not-so-good, depending on how you look at it

The number of books set aside for the launch are almost gone. This is good to see that XWF users want the book, but not-so-good if someone waits until the last minute to order, since the launch is looking like to be over before the 100 hours is done. An unlimited number will be available from, Barnes & Noble, etc…soon enough.


PayPal has been working, but comments against PayPal have been made. I am also not a fan of PayPal, but for payment processors, PayPal has a major chunk of the market. For the book launch, PayPal it is…

But, for anyone not wanting to use PayPal for the book launch, no worries! The launch is almost over and then the book will be available on and other book seller sites to order from there. This is just a discounted launch, same book, just different pricing when the launch is over.

Still haven’t ordered but thinking about it?

Might want to hurry if you want to grab the book now with the launch discount. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait and order retail price online at



Author: Brett Shavers

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