Amazon lowered the price of the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide?!?

The X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide WAS listed on Amazon at $69.99.

Today, it is NOW listed at $51.62.

Today I learned that Amazon raises or lowers the prices of books as they see fit, without asking or informing the authors, and this happens to most books. This is out of control of the authors.

A little annoying since Amazon doesn’t even give a notification of price changes. But it is what it is.

Per Amazon:

The good news is that if you have not yet bought your copy, this is probably a good time since Amazon lowered the price. I don’t know when or if the price will go lower or go back to retail price, and I have absolutely no control over the price now (a new learning experience with Amazon KDP).

The early order shipping stories

Out of all the orders, there were:

  • 4 bad print copies (blurred, smeared ink) – all replaced
  • 5 damaged books in transit – all replaced
  • 10 VERY late deliveries (some of these are still enroute by Amazon!)
  • 3 few “double deliveries” (same book, delivered twice…).
  • 2 deliveries to the wrong address (written address was correct, delivery was wrong).
  • Many delivered in days. Others in weeks.
  • Amazon delivered about 75% of the books, but…
  • Amazon gave about 10% of the books to USPS for delivery. This added weeks of shipping time.
  • The remainder were given to third-party carriers (some I have never heard of…) and this added weeks to shipping time.

A word about “Other Sellers” on Amazon

There aren’t any other sellers (yet) for the XWF Practitioner’s Guide. The guide will be on Barnes and Noble and bookstores sooner (or later), but there is only one publisher for this book (the publisher is Amazon).

I bring this up because around 2 years ago, I was getting complaints on the 1st edition of the X-Ways Practitioner’s Guide about the “order of the chapters and pages”. The complaints were saying that the pages and chapters need to be reordered, and I replied each time with “Well, that is the way the book was written.”

However, after a few of those complaints, someone explained that the pagers were literally out of order (1, 2, 99, 34, 45, etc…) and that someone had taken an ebook copy or scanned a print book, and then uploaded the PDF to Amazon in their own account to sell as “Other Sellers.” Unfortunately for everyone who bought the pirated book, the pages were out of order and the buyers were scammed with fake, pirated, and unusable books.

This is just a personal note to be aware of the “Other sellers” of the same product of anything on Amazon.

Author: Brett Shavers

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