Don’t buy the (wrong) X-Ways Practitioner’s Guide

Short PSA.

There are two X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guides. One is the outdated first edition and the second is the newly released second edition.

  1. First edition: Outdated. Still being sold by some sellers.
  2. Second edition: Current edition. Only sold via Amazon and no electronic versions.

The first edition is maybe still 25% relevant as so much has changed in X-Ways. The second edition is 100% relevant and current.

There is a reduced price by Amazon for the second edition. Take advantage of that now before it goes back to retail price.

I only post this because someone just bought the wrong book and asked me for an exchange, but I can’t because I am not selling the first edition and don’t have any control over sales of that book. Sorry…

Author: Brett Shavers

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