FYI, I am going to mark up your book.

Yes, if you win the drawing, you get a free copy of the X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide/Second Edition. But be aware, I will be marking it up.

This is what I will be doing to your book.

I’m going to sign it (not a major deal..just my signature).

Then I’m going to write a personal note to you and sign that note.

Then I’m going to highlight one passage that means the most to me in the book that you might like to see. And I’ll sign that highlighted passage too, just to put my name on what I believe in.

So, you won’t be getting a pristine book, but rather a personalized XWF book that is unique among the thousands of other copies out there.

A challenge to you

I have given away a bunch of books over the past years as part of a DFIR Book Challenge. This is a continuation of that challenge. I paused this challenge with the lockdowns since no one was going anywhere, but now we are free to travel. I have another book to giveaway next month and will be buying more books asking those authors to sign in the same manner. The author will sign and highlight, then I will, then I will give the books away in the challenge.

Here is the challenge:

Read the book. Learn from it. And then give it away.

But before giving it away, write something personal to the person who you are giving it to. Then highlight a passage that was meaningful to you, and sign that. And ask the person you give the book to do the same.

Do this at a training event, or your workplace, or where ever you meet DFIR folks.

This book will be the only X-Ways/2E book that I sign with a personal statement and highlighted passage, and passed to someone that I challenge to carry on. If you do this, it will be the only XWF/2E book signed by the writer, then the next reader, and the next reader, and…


This is an ice-breaker to engaging people. Did you ever wonder what to say to someone that you wanted to speak to at a conference? How about, “Hey, someone gave me a DFIR book signed by the author in a book challenge to pass on? I would like you to have it next if you’d be so kind.”

Now you engaged. Now there is conversation with someone that is positive and fruitful. Now your name is in the list of readers of the book that passed from the author to another and hopefully another and hopefully another.

You will also see what others feel are important in the book that you have in your hand. This is priceless insight of other DFIRers.


Free to enter. Free to win and free shipping too!

Enter by September 25, 2022 as the drawing will be on September 26, 2022.

Enter here:

NOTE!! After entering your name and email, you do not have to create an account. Just ignore the screen asking you to create an account.

Author: Brett Shavers

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